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That I have ever faced and learnt from. Dad, for the memories and the knowledge you gave me, here we go.

Social Media

Can I create a profile with more than 1M views in less than two weeks on TikTok to impress someone in New York City? I gave a try for you and this is the result. Everyone has a niche to fill!


More than five years working in retail made me realize that the key to success on POS is understanding consumer behaviour and build a road to our interest. Which actions repeat those who do not buy?


Some people perceive AI as an enemy, I discovered the best ally. Now you can find in one person strategy, designs, videos, websites, presentations, analytical decisions… All from a single source.


I failed so many times. I learnt so many times. Every example you are going to see has been following a mistake, pushing my creaitivity to make some more so I can redefine what my next big thing will be.


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Social Media

(Paid & Organic)

I have spent years researching the most beneficial platforms for companies to utilize on Meta, TikTok, Google Ads and LinkedIn. Did you know that TikTok can be a powerful tool for organic awareness, while Instagram boasts the most favorable price-to-reach ratio in advertising history?

Every company has the opportunity to reach an entire city and segment a part of the audience that seems profitable to them within seconds. Which one is yours?

Artifical Intelligence

Since AI started breaking charts I have been eager to learn about it and incorporate ir into my work. I use these tools to optimize and improve almost every marketing action that I develop day by day, from analysis to creativity.



As we aimed to increase awareness, via CRM & e-mail marketing we offered ouselves as a «marketing agency» to our clients, where we offered the design, production and delivery of POS banners and signs. As a result, compared to last year, we have expanded our presence in 80 additional stores this year.


How can you be different in a market with many brands and so much budget? Finding the solutions that no one has done yet. Thanks to a great team, I was able to create a POS banners that, later on, was even replicated by other brands in MediaMarkt Spain.


In more than four years I conducted schedules, team plannings and customer support, but by far, the action where I learnt the most was to adapt the point of sale according to the season and the costumer. Managing the entire fitness family during more than three years having great results (+28.5 growth/year) was quite enlightening.


After years using WordPress, I have developed the ability to create & edit simple webpages like this one in less than a day with AI.

Business Fair

Develop, with the budget available, something remarkable.


As a Trainee and as a Marketing Manager I have been using e-goi (which is great for GDPR). It already offers a lot of data to work with.


I dealt with 400,000 accounts in MailChimp. Thanks to Google Analytics and other plugins, I could work to improve every aspect.

Failures & Learnings

The best part of the entire webpage. You are going to see two projects that made me learn many things that you can not include in a resume. When I write «failure», I mean «not the success I/we wanted». But, for sure, in knowledge terms, I refer to them as «holy failures».


By 22 years old, a close friend and I made some little business by buying items in China and selling it here, but we wanted something bigger. We saw an opportunity, as Spain is one of the countries with most inmigration from Africa, we realized that there was no brand that let african people show the love they maintain with their continent and their colleagues. This was a niche strategy that allowed us gain 8.000+ followers on Instagram, hundred of € on sales and working with some influencers as Mostopapi (content creator) and Thimbo Samb (Netflix’s actor). We also realized the potential of micro-influencers who had an amazing engagement and drove us to new opportunities. Despite all these good news, we were studying, working to pay the degree and, in my case, taking Camrbidge’s First course and had no time. We decided to stop it, but who knows if, in the future, we can try to make it happen. You can visit the Instagram profile @burestore.


When COVID came and changed the world, one of the things that shocked me the most was how many families were losing their small businesses so fast. So I just wanted to create like an «Amazon» marketplace but only for small business adding a marketing department that helped them for free. The city hall of Cornella, my town, provided me technical, burocratic help and economic aids to develop it, but when it all seemed connected (even logistics were assembled in order to send goods in less than 24 hours to the costumers), I discovered a fatal barrier: the owners did not wanted to let their business digital image only to me. Many of them told me: «You do not understand how my business is managed, you have to publish that way» and «too young to make it by yourself». Maybe I should have hired someone with more experience on B2B, but as I started with no money, I could not. From 27 owners that started agreeing on being in the app, only 2 accepted how it was going to be shown. After all, personal reasons pushed me to look for a fixed salary and stop Daygo.

Some references

«One of the most competent worker I have ever met. Ambition is always there and it spreads everywhere. Fresh ideas and success, that’s it.»

Roger Albet – Khelium’s Filmmaker

«Makes work easier for everyone around them. Always eager to learn and contribute, enjoys taking on responsibility and finding fulfillment in what they do.»

Saray GilManager at Decathlon (2019)

«Very professional and honest, with a great ability to transform the ideas that other people have in mind and direct them to the project.»

Levi Mba – Co-Owner Heros

«A loyal and responsible partner. Decisive and clever. I can say, as a friend, that he is someone with a great capacity to empathize with others«.

David Cepeda – Co-Founder BURE (2020)

«Ricard in two words: involved and decisive

Xavier Vilà – CEO VILAX

«Focused on acquiring knowledge of the product to design the marketing strategy. Original and creative.»

José Luis Olivas – Project Developer K-Electric

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